Technology Business Incubator

DISC-TBI equips its Start-ups with Product Design and Strategy Training Session

The DOST ISU Smart City Technology Incubator – DISC-TBI recently organized a comprehensive training session that centered around Product Design and Strategy for its incubatees and start-ups. The event took place on July 13 with a hybrid setup, conducted both at The Business Intelligence Research & Development Center (BIRD-C) Office and via Zoom. Its primary goal was to provide participants with the essential skills required to create exceptional product designs and develop impactful branding strategies that would captivate customers and foster business growth.
The training session featured Mr. Kiko Torno, Founder and CEO of 7 Hectares Farm, as the keynote speaker. Mr. Torno brings over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience, having worked with renowned brands such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC, and Saatchi.
During the session, Mr. Torno shared real-world approaches and insights into creating compelling product designs that resonate with customers. He emphasized the importance of incorporating sustainable practices and aligning business strategies with market demands. Participants had the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session and gain valuable feedback from the industry expert.
The training session provided a platform for start-ups to gain essential skills in product design and strategy, empowering them to create unique and engaging brand identities. The DISC-TBI Incubation Program was also presented during the training.
As the event concluded, participants left with a newfound understanding of effective product design and branding strategies. Armed with valuable insights and practical knowledge, these start-ups are now better positioned to navigate the challenges of the market and contribute to the growth and development of their respective industries.
With the success of this training session, DISC-TBI continues to fulfill its mission of empowering start-ups, driving economic growth, and building sustainable communities through its mentorships and training programs.